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Upstand – 20 inch Wheels


There are 4 listing here to better help you choose which package you’d like! Bear in mind, all Upstands come with an Upstand and a single tab.  

NOTEIf you would like to place an order to Australia, please contact our distributor Full Beam Australia ([email protected]). He will take care of all of your questions regarding Australian orders and be able to get an Upstand to you faster than we could from the States!


Product Description

With the Upstand, you can take your bike anywhere!

This Upstand provides the simple solution to a common problem: Where can I set my bike?

With the Upstand, there’s no more having to lean your bike against the store window, the car, a fencepost or the furniture in your home. And no heavy, unsightly kickstand hanging off your bike.

A magnet holds the upstand in place when in use and when you’re ready to ride, just pluck if off and stow it away. Folds and fits easily in your 3 panel pocket or bag.

Includes a velcro strap for folding and/or storing the stand.