“The Upstand.  An RBR reader turned me on to this great new product, and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a portable, practical, high-tech “kickstand” for your road bike. Kickstand is in quotes, because it’s not a traditional kickstand, but it works like one. A small metal tab fits over your rear skewer inside the quick release. The stand itself is a carbon-fiber tube in two pieces, held together with a shock cord like a tent pole. On one end is a magnet that holds the stand to the tab on your bike. On the other end is a rubber cap that keeps it firmly in place against the ground. It works great. When you’re ready to roll, you simply pull the stand off the tab, fold it in half (it clips together), and store it in your jersey pocket, seat bag, etc.” – John Marsh


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“The Upstand is similar to the Click-Stand, in that it is also made of connected sections of tubing connected with shock cord. That tubing is made of carbon fiber, however, and it has a neodymium magnet on the “bike” end instead of a cradle. When the stand is in use, that magnet joins up with a metal tab installed beside the quick release lever on the bike’s rear wheel skewer.” – Ben Coxworth

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