Q & A

Q – What is the difference between an Upstand and a kickstand?

Unlike conventional kickstands that are heavy, ugly, permanent, and unusable by modern design, the Upstand™ is fully detachable, lightweight, and usable on most bicycles.

Q- What size is my bike?

All road bikes will use the standard Upstand.

All bikes with 29″ wheels (mountain bikes) will use the 29″ Wheel Upstand

All bikes with 20″ wheels, recumbents, folding bikes, etc will use the 20″ Wheel Upstand.

Q – How much does it weigh?

The tab on you bike weighs 15 grams and the arm weighs approximately 25 grams. The total weight is the same as a single gu packet.

Q – What is it made of?

Carbon fiber.

Q – How does it stay on?

Embedded in the carbon is a strong 6.5 pull pound axial magnet (rare earth magnet).

Q – What do I do with it once I pull it off?

Simply fold the stand in half (shock cord ) and stow it in your seat bag or 3 panel jersey pocket. It is only 8.0″ long (standard model) and weighs less than an energy pack.

Or you can use our Upclip and store your Upstand right on your bicycle! The Upclip simply installs on your existing water bottle bolts and gives you the option of quickly snapping your Upstand onto your bicycle! Check out the Upclip here.

Q – Will I lose the use of my water bottle cage by installing the Upclip? 

Not at all! The Upclip sits beneath your water bottle cage is nearly invisible when both are installed! 

Q – Is it hard to perform the initial install?

It will take less than 30 secs. Simply slide out the rear skewer, hang the 15 gram tab on the skewer, slide it back in and tighten. That’s it. Even in the event of a rear flat, the tab will stay there.

Q – Do I need a brake clamp, etc?


Q – So no more laying down, scratching my car with the brake levers, leaning on store windows or worse, being out of my line of site?


Q – Are there Upstands available for 20″ wheels or recumbent bicycles? 


Q- Can I get an extra tab? I have more than one bike.

Yes. If you would like to get an extra tab for your Upstand, it will only cost $5 at the time of your order. Simply find the the Upstand model (Standard, 20″, or 29″) you’re purchasing on our site and select the option “with Extra Tab” from the list of choices. If you would like to order an additional tab(s) sometime in the future, a standalone purchase costs $7 per tab (includes shipping in the US).