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And then there’s the upstand. Kickstarter is a wonderful pathway for good ideas, and the upstand is a good idea, which is why it was funded when it came up on kickstarter in 2013, and it’s also why the company that produces them is now producing a variety of models.

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Better than a kickstand? The new UpStand Bike Stand by the Upstanding Bicycle Company is a super lightweight (40 grams), super strong (carbon fiber), easily stow-able (folds down to 5.5 inches), detachable (uses magnets) stand for your bike that is better than the heavyweight options you see in the store (which is why lots of folks don’t have a stand anymore).

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The Upstand is NOT you father’s kickstand. It’s lightweight (35 grams – the weight of a single energy packet), convenient, detachable and storable. When not in use just stick it in your jersey pocket or tool bag.

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There are times where a kickstand on a road bike is pretty darn handy, like when my friend Lorri Lown teaches her Savvy Bike bike clinics. In outdoor sessions she found herself hopping on and off the bike as she explained things, and it was awkward to lay her bike down just to pick it up again. So she got an Upstand.

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Regardless of how you feel towards kickstands on a road bike, judging by the number of questions I used to get in the bike shop about them, there are people out there that want one. Case in point? The carbon fiber, collapsible Upstand. First spottedabout a year ago, the Upstand has been upgraded and offers the bike propping ability for bicycles without a kickstand mount. Got a 20″ wheeled folding or recumbent bike? There’s an Upstand for that. There are also sizes for 26″/700c and 29″ wheels as well.

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The other part to the Upstand is a thing that looks like a magician’s magic wand. It is segmented like one of those hollow nested aluminium tent poles with an elastic shock cord running through it.

You unfold it, and stick one end on that tab. It is held in place by a strong magnet.

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I like how the word kickstand gets avoided here.  There is nothing to kick.  You don’t use your foot like some neanderthal to stand your bike up anymore!  Welcome to the 21st century way to support your bike vertically.  TheUpstanding Bicycle Company has created this brand new support method for all of us that either hate kick stands or are just too cool to burden our bikes with something so ugly.

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“The Upstand.  An RBR reader turned me on to this great new product, and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a portable, practical, high-tech “kickstand” for your road bike. Kickstand is in quotes, because it’s not a traditional kickstand, but it works like one. A small metal tab fits over your rear skewer inside the quick release. The stand itself is a carbon-fiber tube in two pieces, held together with a shock cord like a tent pole. On one end is a magnet that holds the stand to the tab on your bike. On the other end is a rubber cap that keeps it firmly in place against the ground. It works great. When you’re ready to roll, you simply pull the stand off the tab, fold it in half (it clips together), and store it in your jersey pocket, seat bag, etc.” – John Marsh


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“The Upstand is similar to the Click-Stand, in that it is also made of connected sections of tubing connected with shock cord. That tubing is made of carbon fiber, however, and it has a neodymium magnet on the “bike” end instead of a cradle. When the stand is in use, that magnet joins up with a metal tab installed beside the quick release lever on the bike’s rear wheel skewer.” – Ben Coxworth

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